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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  August 5, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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strike. we dodged a bullet with bart but tonight another transit agency is getting ready to go on strike. >> what a mess. why it took so long to clean up what this big rig left behind. >> wait until you hear what some bay area parents are willing to spend to send their kids to preschool. commuters are on edge again tonight. we sent our kpix 5 christin to find out. >> reporter: i talked to ac transit, reached out to them and they were not interested in talking to us. both sides seem more interested in talking at the bargaining table. one driver told us what he and his coworkers are up against. kevin reid has been driving an ac transit bus for nearly 13 years he says it is a dangerous
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job. >> drivers have been attacked. >> reporter: last month ac transit drivers in the midst of their own labor dispute kept driving as the bart trains came to a halt. now they are threatening to strike as early as wednesday. >> i am fighting for -- we need it we haven't had a decent wage over 8 years. the last 6 it has been take, take, take. >> reporter: reid makes 25.66 an hour nearly the maximum a driver can make. they offered the union a 9% raise over 3 years and wants workers to pay 10% of premiums for medical. the unions want a 10.25% wage and resisted changes to medical. reid thinks that could mean adopting bart workers tough
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tactics. >> it is how you play. it is a fifty fifty shot. it can work for you or against you. >> reporter: i have been covering both strikes i have to tell you the tone of these talks sounds a lot different very little fighting or finger pointing both sides not really courting media attention. a big difference from the bart talks. >> both sides in turmoil. what is the latest for bart >> as we have all heard the bart trains are running and we do know talks are on pause for at least the next week. governor brown is bringing in an independent panel. that panel meets for the first time wednesday and the next step could be a cooling off period that could last until october. >> i am sure a lot of people want to keep those trains running. thank you. here is a look at who is at the bart board. jacob applesmite is senior
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advisor, nicki callaghan and robert used to be president of the state building and construction trades council they will each be paid $100 a day for work. no bart strike but the commute was still a stinker because of this a big rig carrying sushi and other food caught fire coming off the bay bridge this morning. three lanes of westbound 80 shut down until late afternoon those were closed for 9 hours and 34 minutes. we asked joe vazquez to find out what took so long to get it cleaned up. >> reporter: 5:45 a.m. this morning a big rig that had just crossed the bay bridge, burst into flames. 10 hours later the heated frustration was still boiling over as these folks got out of their cars and into each other's faces. for most of the day westbound bay bridge traffic was at a
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stand still backed up for miles. >> crazy. >> reporter: some drivers couldn't hold it any longer and ended up using the bathroom on the freeway. others ran out of gas. officially cops declared the scene clear around 3:00 p.m. although we still saw long line into the 5:00 p.m. hour. ironic on the very day the bart strike was averted. >> right even with bart there is a traffic jam. i get it. >> you get it. >> funny but not funny. >> reporter: what took so long to clear the scene. chp told me it took quite awhile to put the fire out and let the smoldering wreckage cool down then a huge tow truck had to take it away then heavy equipment to clean up the debris including sushi and rice and other groceries. the chp had to conduct an investigation including pictures and measurements. cal trans had to take time inspecting the roadway to make sure it was safe before giving
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the green light to get traffic back to normal. >> that truck driver pulled over because he thought he had a flat tire next he knew the rig was engulfed in flames no word what caused the blaze. a memorial is growing in venice after a driver drove through a crowd of people. candles and flowers line the sidewalk. surveillance video captured the driver plowing full speed into beach goers and vendors he swerved around barriers and continued down the path leaving a quarter mile path of destruction. a 34-year-old a newly wed from italy was killed, 16 others were injured. >> the reason for, that explain what happened and what i feel, i want to come back -- >> she was a remarkable young
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woman. really bright and shiny person. the suspected driver turned himself into authorities a couple hours later he is being held on a million dollars bail. the woman who was killed was on her honeymoon her husband of one week saw the whole thing. a coroner said she died from blunt force trauma to the neck. the family is making arrangements to take her body back to italy for the funeral. we hear stories about corrupt politicians but a bay area politician who was a liar and extortionist after years of hard time behind bars he is back in san francisco. linda yee tracked him down in an unlikely place. >> reporter: after serving 5 years in federal prison, i've learned former san francisco supervisor, is now living in ahalfway house here in the tenderloin. >> how are you guys. >> reporter: in 2007, 6 months after he took office the fbi
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raided his city hall offices, china town flower shop and homes in san francisco and burlingame. prosecutors had video tape of him accepting $40,000 in $100 bills in an attempt to shake down the chinese immigrant owners in the sunset district. he pled guilty to bribery and extortion charges he was accused of lying about living in san francisco when he ran for supervisor. i did talk to him briefly by phone he says under the rules of his reentry program he is not allowed any interviews with media until his sentence is fully served that will be some time next year n. san francisco. linda yee kpix 5. >> he will remain at the halfway house for a few weeks and be on house detention for
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the rest of his term. crews are close to knocking out a 1500-acre wild fire in river side county. large piles of ash covered the sky creating a brown haze. thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes but so far, no houses have been destroyed. chevron has agreed to pay almost $2 million in fines for that refinery fire in richmond. chevron will plead no contest to 6 criminal charges after its fire sent toxic black smoke into the sky last year. 15,000 people went to local hospitals, 19 employees were injured. tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the fire. >> tonight we are learning more about the terror threat that lead to the closure of dozens of u.s. embassies and consulates in the muslim world. u.s. intelligence picked up details in a phone call made from afghanistan to yemen. >> reporter: sources say the head of al qaeda was pressing
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the leader of al-qaida in the arabian peninsula to step up operations against american targets. they vaguely referenced something big noting an attack could have happened as early as yesterday. once the personal secretary to osama bin laden, runs the yemen based branch of al qaeda that has proven the most aggressive in plotting against the u.s. his group, is home to an explosives expert who over the past four years, has targeted u.s. bound airplanes with bombs hidden in underwear and computer printers. they have been battered by drone strikes. the deputy commander was killed earlier this year they remain dangerous and capable of inflicting serious damage. while u.s. officials were stunned they broke operational security openly discussing
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possible plots intelligence remains incomplete. analysts still can't say where, when or how an attack may be carried out so the u.s. has been forced into a blanket defense across north africa and the middle east 19 u.s. diplomatic missions will remain closed through saturday. while there is no indication that terrorists are targeting the u.s. main land security is being tightened around new york city landmarksome of the nations airports. while nothing obviously happened august 4th, the threat has not been neutralized as far as we know, no terror operatives have been captured and no intelligence saying al qaeda is backing off. >> we are told there is no specific threat to the bay area san francisco police have beefed up security at several iconic landmarkbusy hubs they are not detailing which ones. we are just learning about what sounds like serious computer problems effecting flights at a number of airlines
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across the country a spokesman for jet blue told us flights getting ready to leave bay area airports are delayed until the problem is solved airlines apparently can't check in pass eninjuries. planes in the air are fine. people also can't book any tickets online. this effects airlines using the sabre reservation system, jet blue, american and alaska. we are waiting to hear back from american and alaska about their problem. coming up the tricky thing some bay area detectives are doing to put away the bad guys. $22,000 a year for preschool? we will show you what bay area parents are really getting for that money. >> would you eat beef grown in a lab? reviews are in for the world's first ever test tube burger. >> you would thing it has been chilly over the past week or week and a half highs only in the 50s, 60s and 70s well below normal and it gets colder which felt day will be the chilliest next ,,,,
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practice when questioning suspects. our kiet do tells us it all starts when the and pen and >> san jose police under going
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scrutiny. it all starlets when the -- starts when the handcuffs come off and pen and paper come out. >> have to put the final nail in your cofin. >> reporter: it is a familiar routine in hollywood and real life the bad guys crack under pressure during the interrogation and confess. >> i want to talk to him right now. >> reporter: seems like a slam dunk conviction right? not yet a training bulletin titled obtaining a letter of apology has appeared in the official publication of the san jose police officers association. an apology letter is one more nail in the coffin for your case sell the letter as a means of showing remorse and say i am going to give you an opportunity i have given everyone who sat in the same chair. the bulletin goes on the say this is used by sales professionals that quote you are planting the seed that
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everyone has done this, so they should do it too. by the way, all of this, completely legal. >> so, this is something that we can't reasonably expect to keep a secret it shouldn't be a secret. >> reporter: san jose police say apology letters are common practice officers have to be careful not to promise leniency. >> we give them opportunity and it is more, you know, getting it off their chest hey, this is something that may help you move on whether or not you go to prison for it, or you and that person have contact again your opportunity to say sorry. >> that is what is concerning isn't the writing of the letter it is the manipulation that leads up to it. >> reporter: defense attorney, served as a public defender for six years and says defendants write apology letters they are told it may help. >> it is manipulating someone into confessing to a crime. >> reporter: the police union had no comment the consulting firm did not rern my phn jose,.
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a new preschool in san jose has something in common with college the price of tuition. the people behind harker preschool believe what they have to offer is worth the money. >> reporter: it may look like the grounds of a college campus but if you take a closer look you will notice a decidedly smaller field, toy trucks and a sand dune and outdoor play gym on the inside well supplied cottage style classrooms. >> although it is $23,000 for the full day program, there are many programs out there, that are still in the same ballpark. >> reporter: andrea hart is the director she says the price tag is justified for the comprehensive, educational and early childhood development program. >> academics are focused on often but there are many other things to focus on and parents are coming with all those
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questions. tell us about the well rounded education you are providing, tell us about the experiences they will be able to have. >> we are in a preschool classroom. >> reporter: what does your money buy? small age specific classes of no more than 12 students and those students rotate through specialized rooms for everything from art and music to stem or science technology, engineering and math. >> the young child is a natural little scientist. >> reporter: robin stone is harkers stem specialist stone believes it is never too early for kids to start learning about science in the world around them. >> even the tolder will in the high chair who drops the spoon is exploring gravity in this lab the children will be able to explore those concepts that are of natural interest to them. >> reporter: the campus is set on 8-acres formerly the santa
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clara county children's shelter. there is definitely a market for high end preschool. >> parents are asking for a high quality program. parents will find out friday if their kids have been admitted the new preschool opens next month. $22,000 for this next weather cast but hey, i got it covered. >> oh, you are footing the bill? make the check payable to paul -- >> if only. >> i will give you a 14 day forecast. we will talk all the way to september for $22,000. >> live lookout side here we go, cloud cover rushed in around 6:00 p.m. what a strong on shore flow about a 2,000-foot marine layer, it pushed all the way inland and we will do that again tonight. san francisco past five days chilly yesterday and today 61 degrees average 67 you have not even hit 70, san francisco since the 4th of july more than
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1 month ago. micro climate forecast, barely into the 70s afternoon sunshine, cloudy, foggy start high of 71, chillier wednesday that is when we bottom out wednesday will be the chilliest day. all the players in the atmosphere aren't going to move the next several days. chilly, below normal, 10 straight days we are likely going to do it for an additional 7 high pressure will stay off to our east. if anything the low that is giving us the on shore flow will be closer making the flow stronger temperatures will get chillier, and then rebound after that but each day of the next several will feature lots of morning clouds and fog and drizzle especially away from the water. we will stay below average sunshine in the afternoon will stay chilly, highs liver more, 78, san jose 75, well below average, sunny vail, fremont you are not getting there
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tomorrow morning clouds pittsburgh high of 78, walnut creek, pleasonton, 79. in the city, 62. san raphael, 71. berkeley, north napa and sonoma county, in the low 08s chilly through the week and weekend milder towards saturday and sunday only afternoon sunshine temperatures running below normal. we will be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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up the world's first test-te burger. the main ingredient? would you eat meat grown in a lab. today dutch scientists cooked up the world's first test tube burger. main ingredient, stem cells. it took five yearcost $300,000 to make. google cofounder secretly financed the project. the idea to provide a solution to a possible future meat shortage and reduce environmental impact. so how does it taste? >> i was expecting the texture to be more soft. >> experts say it will still be 10 to 20 years before the test tube burger is ready for mass consumption. >> i wonder if they can make a test tube hitter for as offence. baseball comes down hard on alex rodriguez and others next ,,
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today, handing down the lon non-gambling suspension in history...start the >> after weeks of speculation major league baseball made it official, handing down the longest non-gambling suspension in history. alex rodriguez was suspended 211 games carrying through the 2014 season. he plans to appeal and can play until process is complete which isn't likely to be finished until the end of the season a- rod could be in uniform the rest of the year. tonight he greeted with a heavy
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dose of boos in chicago he got a single in the 1st, at bat, 1 for 4 and 8 run loss to the white sox. several other players on the list. coming back announced he will get the ball friday night at a t and t. grateful dead night, giants start a home stand tied at 1 in the 8th. delivered the bases loaded pinch single giants tore 3 runs in the 8th inning just won that 4-2 the final they have a lot of ground to make up in the last 2 months of the season and it will take a lot more wins. >> well on their way. >> they did it a couple years ago 7.5 down middle of august, they got into the playoffs last game of the season and won the world series. >> i think i like this coming from behind thing. >> why not. >> it is possible. >> maybe they like that role.
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